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The facility is very clean and organized. Staff are very professional.
I like the login system, no wait time if you are on time.

Amazing! For your first appointment (if you are a child) you go in the upstairs area and at the end you can get a prize like a small rubix cube or a small teddy bear wearing a shirt. When I first was at a real appointment, I was SCARED. In there there was a big room wear people worked on teeth. It was way creepier than I expected. But in the end, everyone was EXTREMELY nice to me. I actually sortta liked going. My favorite part is that you get points for a gift card. I highly reccomend, and this place is awesome! You will miss out on amazing teeth if you do not go. Highly reccomend! Love this place!

McNamera Orthodontics are amazingly awesome. My teeth are getting so straight, I can hardly believe they were crooked. They are the best and so nice to me. Thank you, Chloe

Excellent personalized service. I didn't think they could get my teeth and bite this good, but I'm pleasantly surprised.